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Our history

DAHRAH was born in 2018 in Leiden, The Netherlands. The founder had almost ten years of experience in the design and production of dance costumes, where she developed a love for colors and unlimited creativity.

Since 2023, we offer creative, colorful and cheerful T-shirts and hoodies. Our prints are all personally designed by us and form abstractions of real and surreal subjects, of course in our own signature style. In addition to our extensive range, we can always make personalized clothing: inspired by a photo of your pet or boat, for example. We can draw and print it in DAHRAH style!

DAHRAH and planet Earth

DAHRAH is committed to an important cause that is close to our hearts: respect for the environment, especially the sea. We only have room for fashion that has been produced responsibly. We try to achieve this in several ways.

First of all, we distance ourselves from the fast fashion culture. We do not have seasonal collections and do not continuously produce new items. We have no stock and we produce on demand, especially for you. The T-shirts and hoodies are produced in ethical factories and are Vegan and OEKO-TEK certified. The small amount of polyester in our fabrics is recycled to reduce the impact of plastic in drinking water and the sea. We print the T-shirts and hoodies in the Netherlands with environmentally friendly techniques. Our zipper-free designs mean we don’t pollute the environment with plastic and metal.

All photos and designs on this website: Copyright by Federica Galli (Leiden, The Netherlands). All our photos and designs cannot be used without our permission.