About us

DAHRAH FASHION uses the power of colors and the combination of beautiful fabrics and patterns to give you simple yet unique outfits for everyday life. Too often western fashion culture is conservative with the use of colors. It also hides people’s uniqueness, bodies and special look under boring “uniforms”, so that everyone will look the same. DAHRAH dares to use the beauty of colors and amazing patterns to let the unique YOU stand out.

Each DAHRAH T-shirt, dress and sweater is special and SUSTAINABLE! We use beautiful prints without wasting any single piece of fabric. This means that we produce as little waste as possible. But also the DAHRAH T-shirt model that YOU dress is a bit different from the same DAHRAH T-shirt of someone else. At DAHRAH we produce on demand, and we outsource the production only to trusted partners. We recycle the fabric waste that we cannot use as stuffing material and by collaborating with restyling designers.

DAHRAH clothes are made by happy people in a collaborative effort where we work all together for YOU ! Our garments are made by people of different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds for everyone on Planet Earth. We work without the stress of a fixed collection schedule, and we hope to bring this spirit to everyone who will wear DAHRAH. We believe that as long as there will be ideas, there will also be enough DAHRAH clothes .

DAHRAH clothes are designed by Federica Galli, who is Italian and lives in The Netherlands . While Federica is also designing DAHRAH textiles for future collections, 2019 brings you clothes made with fabric patterns designed by independent artists from all around the world. Our textiles are produced in Italy and Germany and are approved by EU standards (like STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX).