About us


Hello, I am DAHRAH Fashion. I am Italian, I live in Leiden (The Netherlands) and I have a “double life” : scientist in daylight, and creative fashion designer-entrepreneur at night.

I have been designing, manufacturing and selling dance costumes for 5 years. Then I started sewing “normal” dresses for myself, and soon after I thought that I could make more women happy with my vision. For me being fashion designer-entrepreneur means to put my creative talent at the service of many women who will hopefully love and embrace my brand.

The vision

DAHRAH’s vision comes from the need-desire to wear something really good- looking, yet very practical. I am myself always busy and in a rush, I do not like to spend time to “embellish” myself. So what if a dress or shirt looks so amazing, that everything else is superfluous? I believe in simple cuts , no complications. I also have never liked zippers. And I do love colors and patterns.

DAHRAH’s “One-move” ready-to-wear dress

With all these ingredients in mind, DAHRAH’s vision for a innovative style was born: a simple T-shirt-like dress, and a dress-like T-shirt, both made with jersey fabric, without zippers that you can just fold in your messy travel suitcase -for example-, pull out and wear in one move…and WOW you go! Everyone will turn heads and look at YOU. But how? Simply with the use of amazing colors and original patterns, combined in a creative yet beautiful fashion.

Most of DAHRAH’s designs shape your feminine body because they have a unique simple cut that embraces the female forms. Although they might not fit all body types, our characteristic “pattern” is in general very adaptable and forgiving.

DAHRAH and Planet Earth

Last but not least: DAHRAH embraces an important goal that is very close to our heart: to be respectful for the environment and to be sustainable. How do we achieve this? First of all our fabrics are all produced in Europe (mostly: Italy, Germany, The Netherlands) where we also do the manufacturing. This decreases the load on the environment due to minimal transportation. And it is a big warranty that they are produced in an environmental friendly way without toxic dyes. Many of the fabrics we use are produced in Italian factories that are employing solar farms on their roofs and other forms of sustainable energies to run their equipment! Also, minimal water waste production methods are employed in these factories. Our “zipper-free” designs spare us from wasting lot of plastic and metal which pollute the environment…and poison your skin! Finally, we ship you the clothes in nearly 100% plastic-free packages.

DAHRAH – dedicated to all women who have confidence in their feminine.