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Who makes our hoodies and T-shirts?

We are proud to supply very high quality street wear with innovative graphics and design. Moreover, we have a very small stock to reduce waste as much as possible. But where and how are our hoodies and T-shirts made? Read in this article about Dahrah’s approach to sustainable fashion and fair trade in The Netherlands.

Fair trade

Dahrah Fashion buys hoodies and T-shirts from a very reputable European supplier with decades long experience in fair trade. The supplier deals exclusively with manufacturers with excellent track record in fair employment. Human rights, good working conditions and employee well being are monitored constantly. Only manufacturers that comply to such high standards are chosen for the production of the hoodies and T-shirts.


All our hoodies and T-shirts are made with recycled fabrics. However, the quality is excellent. The process of recycling minimizes waste and it contributes to circular production models without any compromise when it comes to quality.

Organic raw materials

The starting materials are always organic. This means that non-genetically modified plants are used. Furthermore, harmful chemicals and pesticides are not employed. The production process is monitored to ensure biodiversity, respect of biological cycles and no animal cruelties in the entire process. Our fabrics are certified to be vegan.


In Europe and in The Netherlands there are checks in place so that you can be reasonably sure that your organic and fair trade garment is really what it is claimed. All our T-shirts, hoodies and beanies come with well known certifications: “Fair Wear“, “Oeko Tex” and “Peta Vegan Approved“. You can find this on all our labels.

And what about the future?

Currently the European company that supplies our hoodies and T-shirts works with Asian factories. As we have said, these factories comply to very high standards of fair employment. This is a very important development that we support, because it contributes to significant improvements in the employment culture of these countries. However, the environmental tall caused by the transportation to Europe is significant. We hope that in the future we can produce our hoodies and T-shirts in Europe. We welcome European manufacturers who are interested to collaborate with us to contact us any time.

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