Who is Dahrah Fashion?

If you are reading this page you are probably curious to know who is behind Dahrah and our story. We are constantly evolving to grow our contribution to sustainable fashion in The Netherlands. Follow us on Instagram / Facebook to be part of our journey. For now this article will shine some light on our history.

An unusual story

DAHRAH was born in 2018 in Leiden, The Netherlands. The founder, who never studied fashion design and business, had nevertheless almost ten years of experience in the design and production of dance costumes. Her costumes were sold worldwide under the brand name “Makari Dreams“. Later on she moved to the production of lady dresses and shirts made with organic jersey fabrics. This is when she adopted a new company name “Dahrah“.

Since 2023, we offer creative, colorful and cheerful T-shirts and hoodies made with organic fabrics. Our prints have strong graphics with creative look inspired, among others, by street art. They are designed by the founder herself.

It has always been her dream to start a urban fashion brand, but it took many years to find inspiration for something different from what is already out there. Like with the dance costumes, she also felt the need to have more control on her own way to dress. Have you ever had the feeling that you are not entirely satisfied with the dress, hoodie or T-shirt you find in a shop? We have something in mind, but we can not buy it. So why not design it yourself? And what about if your friends also like it? That is how an idea can turn into a business.

A very small company with different people

We exist because of many friends who help us with modeling, promoting the brand on social media, writing text, looking after the websites. All of us, till now, have no specific fashion nor business education. The team includes even physicists (like the founder) and astrophysicists 😉 Our way is learning by doing and the founder works on Dahrah at night. We are certainly an unusual and dynamic team with a atypical background!

What is the meaning of “Dahrah”?

No idea! In fact, Google will know that better than us 😉 We just like how it sounds, reminiscent of oriental vibes. Many people unfortunately do not spell it correctly (Dara or Darah), so maybe it was not the best choice. But we hope that with time our organic hoodies and T-shirts will become more known and that Google will correct the spelling mistakes 🙂

Why Dahrah Fashion is sustainable?

Fashion industry is one of the most polluting human activities, from the starting materials to the delivery. But does it have to be like that? We all like to wear new hoodies and T-shirts. We all feel like buying something different which inspires us or make us feel good for some time. So the question is: can we still afford our “fashion addiction” and still being responsible fashion buyers or producers? We think this is possible. In this article you can find out some of the ways we try to be a responsible brand of streetwear.

Print on demand

From a prospective of a fashion retailer we aim to sell all what we have in stock. As fashion designers, we are creative people and we have always new ideas for new garments. A drawback of this business model is an unnecessary large stock of garments like hoodies and T-shirts that must be sold before the end of the “season”. It contributes to excessive consumerism which in return increases pollution of the environment. Some retailers now offer “pre-loved” clothes, but we came with a different idea. Our main approach is to sell on demand. In fact we do not have a stock, or we have a very small one. When we receive an order, we print on a T-shirt or hoodie the pattern that the customer chooses during the product selection. We hope this will make you, our customer, feel good for two reasons. First because you buy your special order where your taste matters – you will choose among a large set of colors and you will choose your favorite print position (front or back). Secondly, because we will be printing only the strictly necessary amount of T-shirts or hoodies, and not more than that.

Printing on demand also means that we do not waste inks and water. We print in The Netherlands, where environmental regulations allow only environmental friendly inks and printing methods.

Reject “fast fashion”

Moreover, we stay away from “fast fashion” and the mandatory seasonal collections. Our hoodies and T-shirts do not belong to any season nor to any year. You can find them for sale years later, if we still notice that our customers want them. All together we hope that this is a better way to be fashionable and yet responsible. We are a young brand and we are constantly evolving to find ways to provide you with better and nicer urban fashion which in return will not pollute our planet.

You can get to know more about us and support our vision by following us on social media (Instagram and Facebook), by participating in the discussions of this blog and, if you like, by becoming our ambassadors.